Suck It Up

Suck It Up is a new work in development for 2017.  The starting point for Suck It Up is an interest in how the shape of a body can shape a life, and draws on relationships to food as a means of emotional control.  It is an attempt to seek comfort in the uncomfortable.

Suck It Up 1

Drawing by Janine Fletcher

The early stages of this work have been supported by South East Dance in partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation in the form of the Collaborate Fund.  This enabled  Janine to develop her ideas and research methods in collaboration with Sue MacLaine.  The work was also supported by an informal residency at Ovalhouse.

An early work-in-progress showing of Suck It Up is on Sunday 9 October as part of Camden People’s Theatre Calm Down Dear Festival 2016.  This is an opportunity to test ideas with an audience.

Choreographed and performed by Janine Fletcher

Dramaturgy by Sue MacLaine