For over 13 years I have taught classes, led workshops, and facilitated / directed performances for a variety of participants and organisations including; schools, colleges, groups with learning disabilities, young people excluded from mainstream education, professional performers, dance students and adults with no previous dance experience.

I can offer a range of tailored classes or workshops;

Workshops focus on finding approaches to choreography where the process is driven by an exploration of theme / subject matter.  This work is normally studio-based and combines choreographic tasks with movement techniques.  

All workshops are tailor-made depending on the aim of each group and their level of experience.

Classes focus on teaching a variety of movement techniques to develop participant’s physical skills.  This work is studio based and draws upon my extensive experience of working within different dance vocabularies and performative contexts.

Facilitation / direction / mentoring of performance encourages participants to develop skills as makers and performers. Participants are led in a variety of tasks to stimulate their creative process, and supported to develop their own performance language and ideas.  This work can be studio based or focused on creating work for different sites and venues including outdoor work. 

I have trained in and worked with a variety of movement vocabularies including; contemporary dance techniques, tap, parkour, street dance, morris dance, Appalachian clog, northern soul, classical ballet and modern / jazz dance.  I draw on elements of these vocabularies within my classes, and fully appreciate how different techniques can work together to enhance and develop physical skill. 

If you would like talk to me about teaching, please go to the contact page.